pool thermometer excessive heat weather

Excessive Heat Warning in Phoenix, What’s Does This Mean?

With Phoenix-area temperatures threatening to rise up past 115 degrees tomorrow, it's important to take the pr

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How Much Water Do I Really Need to Drink Daily?

What makes this life so special is that everyone is unique in their own way but ca

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Private Label Water to Fit Your Event or Business

It seems like everyday we are celebrating something new, whether it's a anniversary, birthday or even somethin

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World Water Day: Why Waste Water?

Today is World Water Day and the theme this year revolves around the waste of water in the world. A report rele

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2017 Phoenix Marathon

A True Marathon Experience

The BMO Harris Bank Mesa-Phx Marathon benefits community wellness through

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White Water Hauling Is Now Available

We are excited to offer our new branch of our company called White Water Hauling. Water hauling is a method o

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Drinking Tap Water: What You Need to Know

Most of us living in Phoenix don't think about what's in our tap water. We turn on the water, fill a glass and

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The Effects of Soda on Women’s Health

According to a recent poll done by Harvard, half the people in the U.S. consume soda or other sugary drinks, 

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PET Plastic Bottles: What is it?

What is PET?

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic resin and a form of polyeste

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